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A warm welcome to all the visitors, this is a place that shown all my passion for the things i like to make. Please feel free to look around.
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Cute little creatures

BIG NOSE is the name i given to  him, this is my 1st doll needle felting attempt , the result is not too bad. I made this doll for my mom as per requested.

Cupcake bear, obviously is not so fitted in the cupcake paper, i think is the cupcake paper not the bear, because i remember when i make the amigurumi cupcake bear , the size is similar with this one, hmmm???

LadyBug is a request from my mom as well, yes i know she is greedy, but you can think  the other way round, she love my work!! ^_^ .So i make a little ladybug attach with the chain so she (the ladybug)  have a friend to talk to. the little bug is make from polymer clay.
I named him a chicken dinasaur, yes yes for my mom as well.. this doll turn the best among all, i think the color is the main point.
Ohh! here is another member to join the family, the PENGUIN.
he is lack of photo because i didn't take much from him, and i thought he will be with me and i can take the pic later, but he is gone now , my mom took  it...-_-" so the family is with her now... lucky i managed to took some photo and share with you gals..

Monday, September 20, 2010

Red Hot Elegant Bare Back Dress

This lovely little dress I've finish long time ago, is before the mint green dress and the sleepwear.
what do you think about the "umbrella" shape at the bottom,will you like it and wear it on the street?
Or is just too weird even for a doll? I personally like this and the green dress very much,but i think is a bit too plain for it, maybe can made a matching hat/beanie for her?

Friday, September 17, 2010

sleep and casual wear

These are some more of the sleep or casual wear for blythe.You can find it in my etsy if you like them.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

mint little cute dress

Every time I see my Blythe, I'll smile from my heart, she is so lovely and cute. I have my blythe last few years, this little lady actually is quite expensive, I always wish I can get another one, but the price are too expensive and getting more expensive these days, I really don't wanna spend extra money from my pocket to get one.
So, I decided to make/knit some clothes/dress to sell so I can save up some $$ to buy another one.
So gals, if you like my work, please visit my etsy, i'll try to make more and sell more. Your support are much appreciated.